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About Us

The Haberny Family

Three Feathers Farm is a family owned and operated farm previously located in South Salem, NY - we have recently relocated to Leeds, Maine. The farm is run by Joe and Jeanine Haberny along with the help of their three children: Joey, Nicole and Ethan.  

Our animals are never given hormones or anything to enhance meat growth. We rotate our cows between 6 different fields so they always have fresh grass to eat. We also bail the hay that we feed our cows in the winter, when green grass isn't available. Our chickens are free to roam in the grass where they can find bugs and enjoy the outdoors. 

Haberny Family
Vegetable Garden
Our Garden

All of our vegetables are non-GMO, and though we are not certified organic, we practice organic standards. We pick our vegetables everyday, throughout the day to restock the garden stand to ensure freshness. We plant non-GMO seeds in the winter in a greenhouse until they're ready to be planted in mid-late Spring. 

We know how important it is to grow and eat food that is worry free, meaning that we don't use pesticides or any other harmful chemicals on our plants or vegetables. We believe that a spot on a tomato or a worm on a ear of corn is natural. We would rather eat fresh natural food, without chemicals in our body, than eat food that looks pretty due to toxins and enhancers.

Garden Stand
Honor System

Our garden house is a self-serve stand. We follow the honor system. This means that when you come to buy vegetables, you weigh your own produce, add up your totals and put the right amount in the money box. Customers are encouraged to bring small bills incase we are not home to provide change. 

Beef and chicken are purchased by orders through emailing us or calling prior to pickup.

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